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How The Pro-Choice Movement Brought Me Back to Catholicism

One of my earliest memories is of being terrified in church. I was sitting in the pews, minding my own business (by which I mean coloring in the Disney Princess book that my Mother had brought with her to keep me occupied during Mass) when all of a sudden everyone around me stood up, joined hands, and began solemnly singing in unison. I was petrified. Why was everyone standing? Why were they singing? How did they know to all stand up at the same time? When my parents sat down next to me, I turned to my Dad and asked him what had just happened. He let me know that they were praying — but that still didn’t make sense to me. I knew how to pray; I said prayers… Read more »

Why Race Needs to Be Mentioned in Jada’s Story

Nothing about the photo that originated the #JadaPose trend is funny. In the picture, which launched the disgusting meme of young people (typically men) recreating the scene depicted, a young Black woman lies splayed out on the floor of a house in Houston, Texas. Her clothing has been removed, her limbs are positioned unnaturally, and she appears to be unconscious. But despite the disturbing nature of the picture, a group of people found something about the photo humorous. It began getting passed around social media (with jokes about women being out of control attached), and people began to pose on the floor in the same position, mocking Jada. Coverage of what happened to Jada has been similar to the coverage of the infamous Steubenville case that happened last year. Since… Read more »