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Hometown- El Paso, TX

Favorite Writer- Mariana Enriquez

Favorite Sex Scene- I don’t have one

Hidden Talent- I can talk really fast.

Maralyn is a graduate student in the Sociology department at the University of Cincinnati. She has an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and a M.A. in Sociology from the University of Texas at El Paso. Maralyn’s research interests include reproductive rights and reproductive justice, long-acting reversible contraceptives, sterilization, and Latinx reproductive health.

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Pharmacists Are An Untapped Contraceptive Provision Source

As a young adult, I began taking contraceptive pills to help control my polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS). I was given the pills in the hopes that they would help me lose weight and slow my facial hair growth. After a quick consultation with a pharmacist, I was on my way home with a birth control prescription. Like many people who live on the U.S./Mexico border, I was receiving and purchasing this prescription in Mexico at a pharmacy. I had struggled to get birth control at a local hospital clinic before because I was uninsured, and I could not see a doctor unless I had insurance or I was covered under the Texas Healthy Women Medicaid program. Unlike the U.S., purchasing medicine in Mexico doesn’t always require a prescription, and most pharmacists… Read more »