Happy Black History Month from URGE!

This year we are using this month to find ways to honor and celebrate Black joy. Black History Month is not just about struggle — it is a love letter dedicated to the beautiful, profound, and unique experiences of Blackness.

To non-Black people, we encourage you to make this commitment in February and beyond: educate yourself on reproductive and racial justice, listen to what Black folks say that they need to flourish and thrive, and donate your time, money, and resources to supporting Black people.

Below are resources to help you incorporate joy and learning into your Black History Month.


  • The full playlist is available on Tidal HERE.
  • All of the reading selections to the left with asterisks are available HERE. While we want everyone to have this information, if you have the means, pay Black authors for their work! Move away from big retailers and prioritize purchasing from independent, Black-owned bookstores.
  • In honor of bell hooks, we have an entire Google Drive folder full of bell hooks works, located here. Additionally, you can find more bell hooks options here.
  • For more reading options, check out the Schomburg Center Black Liberation Reading List, courtesy of the New York Public Library.


  • If you’re interested in spoken word, (free!) Spit Dat Digital, hosted by Woolly Mammoth Theater in D.C., will take place on February 21, 2022 at 8:00p. Register here!
  • To learn more about Black spaces, check out the Sciame Lecture Series, “Radical Black Space.”
  • There is a (free!) virtual event on March 27, with Octavia Butler readings here.