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Media and The Unrealistic Expectations of Sex

Being a part of gen z is kind of crazy. We still got to experience the remnants of the great era that was the 90s while simultaneously witnessing all of the advancements of technology. We experienced some of the first touch screen phones, the rise of social media, and the continuation of trashy teen sitcoms. The world went from landlines and physical dictionaries to having infinite knowledge at our fingertips. It would be easy to sit here and talk about how all of these technological advancements have improved the lives of young people everywhere. However, the topic of how detrimental this rise in technology has been is often shied away from–until now. As most of us know, the internet has been an amazing tool for young people. We can now… Read more »

An Open Letter to “Woke” Weebs That Consume Sexist, Pedophilic, and Fetishistic Japanese Media

Dear weebs and general enjoyers of anime and other media animated in Japanese art styles who preach about the perpetuation of pedophilia and Asian fetishization but still consume misogynistic and pedophilic media,  You’re all hypocrites to me.  The way that y’all preach about how detrimental the male gaze and sexualization of women/AFABs (assigned female at birth) and children are on social media like saints but then continue to consume sexist Japanese stylistic media before you go to bed is embarrassing. You give off the same energy as incels that fetishize young Asian women/AFABs and are complicit in misogyny, infantilization, and fetishization because you support these widespread forms of entertainment.  As someone who was assigned female at birth and grew up Asian, I won’t forgive you for it. I consider you… Read more »

Mind F*ck: Sex Ed Trivia Night with Feminist Union @ University of North Texas

Since the semester just started, Fem U wanted to host an event centered around sex ed and sex positivity that also built community amongst new and returning members. The top three with the highest scores won prizes with mystery bags from a local sex shop as well as fun giveaways and self care goodies. In addition to the trivia (which was free to participate in), the chapter had raffles that people could pay to be entered in and were a really fun fundraiser!  The event was held at local queer coffee shop called Q’s and the staff there were so amazing and supportive. The chapter plans to host a fat and body positive burlesque show in October during Love Your Body Week! We also had the Condom Club from UNT… Read more »

Georgia Southern University Increases Campus Pressure Over Sexual Assaults and Abortion Access

This semester our chapter at Georgia Southern University has been making change on campus on many fronts. First, back in February, the chapter co-hosted a successful Take Back the Night event, leading a huge group of students in a march across campus to raise awareness about sexual assault at their school. Check out one of our student leaders, Carmen Gray, in this video from the event. Then, in April, Georgia Southern hosted a high energy stop of the #AbortionPositive tour, collecting more than 300 petition signatures in just a few hours. In these last few weeks of the semester, this chapter isn’t cruising into summer yet, they are hosting voter registration events and planning for next year.

CSULB Self Love Week 2015

URGE at CSULB  asked several partners to join them in encouraging self love for students for an entire week. They set up a banner where students could write what they loved about themselves. Additionally, partners set up booths including a “yay scale” which replaced numbers on a scale with positive affirmations whenever someone stepped on it, a table with body paint to create temporary tattoos, and a table to take shameless selfies. The event used the hashtags #selflove #urgecsulb

University of Toledo kicks off new semester

The URGE chapter at University of Toledo, the University of Toledo Feminist Alliance, is excited for a new semester of activism on campus. They are currently doing auditions for they annual Vagina Monologues production, and recently hosted an event for Roe v. Wade on campus.

BGSU help Make Roe Real; Preparing for the Vagina Monologues

The Bowling Green State University chapter, FORCE, kicked off their semester with a celebration of Roe v. Wade. They made thank you cards for a local abortion clinic and made phone calls to their representatives about HR7. They are now preparing for their annual Vagina Monologues performances, where 20 cast members over 4 shows will perform Eve Ensler’s classic play.  

FSU takes on big issues!

Florida State University’s F-Word chapter has taken on some big issues this semester in their weekly discussion series. They ended off their semester with a conversation around ‘Black Feminism’, which capped off a semester full  of interesting topics such as ‘Western Perceptions of Islamic Feminism’, ‘Misogyny in US Military Culture’, ‘Femmephobia’, ‘Sex Ed in the US’, and even more!

Black Girls Rise at University of Alabama

UA Feminist Caucus hosted an event in collaboration with the National Council of Negro Women called “Black Girls Rise.” This panel-based event engaged students, faculty, and community members to have a discussion about the experiences of Black women in predominantly white institutions. Discussion followed about beauty standards, colorism, natural hair, and how Black women are sexually perceived by the culture. Upon entering the event, students would fill out a paper that said “I Rise Because _______,” as a demonstration that they are more than stereotypes.