Em-URGE-ing Voices

UGA Fights Back Against Slut-Shaming

They got organized and mobilized the student body to speak out against the article. After dozens of comments, emails and letters to the editor, the school newspaper asked them to write a response article

San Fran Takes on a National Agenda

Western Regional leader Brett Louis Patterson got to speak directly to his Representative, Jerry McNerney, who vowed to take a strong stance against the bill.

Scripps Hosts Reproductive Egg Hunt

Our members prepared more than 200 eggs – each stuffed with a reproductive health fact, some chocolate, and a condom – and hid them on the main lawn for a reproductive justice egg hunt. About 40 new students participated and the winning team gathered an impressive 25 eggs.

Agnes Scott Gets Started with a Fervor

They recently hosted a female holocaust survivor on campus to talk to young people about her experience in Auschwitz as a woman. They also participated in our national Valentines Day of Action – collecting 25 valentines asking Congress to “Listen up, or We’re Breaking up” and “get your hands off my birth control.”

CSU-LB Helps Planned Parenthood Lobby

CSU Long Beach makes a habit of not messing around. The URGE chapter kicked its organizing efforts into high gear in response to the attacks that have been launched against our access to preventative services and reproductive healthcare, in particular the threats to Planned Parenthood funding. This month, they were able to effectively lobby the student government to pass a resolution opposing any legislation that would defund Planned Parenthood. One small step for student government and a huge step in showing the power of our movement. This goes to show how important reproductive and sexual healthcare is to students all over the state of California.

UGA Celebrates Sweet Sixteen!

This year, the URGE arm of the organization is working on voter registration and Trick or Vote. They are also planning workshops with URGE’s own Kelley Robinson and SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW!

KU Puts on a Sex[+] Week

The chapter has already recruited over 150 people to send a message to Congress to end Title V funding through our Sex[+] Voter Engagement Campaign and they joined with other student organizations to host a spectacular Sextival.