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#DearDebbie, We’re Right Here

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January 12, 2016

Dear Debbie 5

#DearDebbie, I must inform you that you have recently committed one of the deadliest sins against millennials by calling us complacent. To us, “complacent” is a synonym for “lazy,” “entitled,” and “apathetic.” None of which are true descriptions of our generation, but are all a part of the “millennials-don’t-do-shit” dialogue that is often used to silence and discourage young adults.

DearDebbie 1

This myth of the “complacent youth” is one that we hear time and time again. We’re used to hearing it from our opposition, so pardon us, when we get aggressive hearing it from someone who is supposed to be right on board with fighting the good fight with us. This rhetoric is harmful. When used by our opposition, it is a manipulative tactic used to discredit us and take away our power. Because let’s face it, millennials get shit done and the trending #DearDebbie tag proves it.

Dear Debbie 3

For many young adults, reproductive justice is a very important part of their lives. There are groups of young  adults actively committed to achieving goals and creating a better environment for reproductive justice. The #DearDebbie and #ShoutYourAbortion tags, 2015’s Pink Out day for Planned Parenthood, and any number of times pro-choice students combat the opposition’s rhetoric on their campuses are all examples of this commitment (Which, for Texas State, was at least 5 days of last semester alone).

Dead Debbie 2

Millennials DO care about abortion rights and reproductive health. We are affected by legislation that is constantly trying to chip away at our reproductive rights and freedoms.  No, we haven’t lived in a  pre-Roe v. Wade world, but we are consistently confronted with the hard truth that we may be forced to live in a world where the rights guaranteed us by Roe v. Wade, are taken away. The stakes seem higher than ever, and let me just say, many millennials are working their asses off to maintain these rights.

Dear Debbie 4

#DearDebbie, you’re wrong, and we will continue to show you.


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