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Age: 20

School: Texas State University San Marcos

Major: Journalism and Mass Communication

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Favorite writer: Chuck Palahniuk

Favorite sex scene from a movie/TV/book: In the movie About Time when Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams have sex for the first time. Gleeson can time travel, and therefore goes back in time 2 more times, making each "first time" less awkward and better. It's just a really cute and funny scene.

Hidden Talent: I'm really good at recognizing faces and voices. I can watch movies and recognize various actors and name different things they have done by their faces or voices.

Posts By: Hanna Foster

It’s Time to Get Serious About Domestic Abuse and the NFL

In light of the recent scandal that the dearly beloved Johnny “Football” Manziel got himself in by beating his girlfriend, I think it’s important to talk about the ridiculous number of athletes who have also committed similar crimes, but continue to go without punishment and continue to get paid thousands of dollars per game. First and foremost, I want to admit that I’m not that into sports. At all. I’d like to think that this gives me the ability to not be hindered by rose colored glasses, but to accurately see the system as it really is. The being said there is a huge fucking problem in our sports entertainment industry. We see time and time again, male athletes being arrested for beating their wives, girlfriends, and family members. Johnny… Read more »

An Ode to Equal Pay Day

Dear Equal Pay Day, Oh how I wish this wasn’t necessary. It’s 2016, 53 years after the Equal Pay Act was signed by Kennedy in 1963, and we’re still having this conversation. This isn’t your fault, of course, but the fault of systemic misogyny, sexist societal views, and racism. You’re just here as a way for us to organize and act; as a way to help us get together and fight this oppressive system. I know, I know. This can be a lot to handle. I mean, as someone who has personally worked at an establishment that paid female employees less than male employees, it is immensely frustrating. Not only was I paid less hourly than my male counterparts ($2 less hourly than men who had the same job as… Read more »

The Uncomfortable Truth About TV Sex

There are a long list of things that are wrong with TV sex scenes. From the overall heteronormative approach most shows take, to the complete erasure of foreplay, all the way to that weird type of scene used to signify that “the deed is done” where both people fall back on the bed as if they had just both somehow been in an upright position facing the camera. (Seriously, can somebody please show me a position where that scene makes sense? Is this a common enough move that it’s acceptable for nearly every sex scene to end this way?) But alas, there are greater problems than the position in which nearly all TV love-makers end up. I’d argue that in a majority of TV shows that I’ve watched, there is an… Read more »

Stop Telling Me What to Do

This is an open letter to men (and women) everywhere. Stop telling me what to do. I’m so tired of seeing posts all over social media telling women what to do. Stop bullying me and trying to force me into becoming a girl who hates herself. Each comment you make is like a double-edged sword in my side. I don’t need you to tell me that if I wear too much make-up that I’m fake or trying too hard then, in same the breath, tell me that if I’m not wearing any make-up that I’m lazy or don’t try hard enough. Meanwhile, in both cases you make the argument “If only girls could love themselves and appreciate their beauty.” How the hell do you expect us to love ourselves when you’re… Read more »

States are Continually Attacking Abortion Access

Since Texas’s anti-abortion bill, HB2 made it to the Supreme Court, many other states have followed suit with similar anti-choice legislation. Louisiana has recently tried enforcing legislation from a 2014 clinic regulation law that would close all but 1 of the abortion-providing clinics in the state. However, the Supreme Court blocked the law until the courts reach a decision about HB2. Although some clinics have already had to cease operation due to this law. On March 2nd, Oklahoma joined in on the frenzy and passed a bill that would require anti-abortion curriculum to be taught at all of the state’s public high schools. This goes beyond abstinence-only education, and goes as far as asserting the “evils” of abortion. It’s important to note that Oklahoma doesn’t have any sort of required… Read more »

Gender and Campus Carry

As mentioned in my last blog post, Campus Carry is going to be implemented in public universities across the state of Texas starting August 1st of this year. I’m trying to explore the intersects of this law and the way that different identities (other than the usual, straight, cis-gender, white male) will potentially be affected by this law. I explored the way that race and ethnicity affects who participates in Campus Carry and who feels safe with it implemented. This time, I want to discuss the way gender may play a part in the implementation of this law. I believe it’s safe to assume that the majority of students who are planning on participating in Campus Carry are men (most likely white men) for two reasons. The first of which… Read more »

Is Campus Carry Safe for Everyone?

Starting August 1, exactly fifty years after the infamous shooting at the University of Texas, the state of Texas will begin implementing a new law commonly known as “Campus Carry.” Once this law is enforced, it will allow individuals with concealed handgun licenses to carry a concealed weapon on the property of any public university in the state of Texas. The university president of each school is in charge of developing the policies and guidelines that their campus will follow in regards to the new law. Students all over the state have been demonstrating how they feel about the new law being put into place (Remember last years’ protests, Cocks not Glocks?). There have been protests, petitions and various forums for students and faculty to share their opinions and concerns…. Read more »

It’s Okay to Struggle with Self-Care

There’s currently an entire movement going on aimed at teaching people proper self-care. I think this is a great idea with great intentions; however, I find the saturation of this content to be a bit stressful at times. I would argue that we are constantly being bombarded with lists and articles telling us how to best take care of ourselves. It seems sort of counter-intuitive to me. I’m stressing out about all of these articles telling me how not to stress out? I’m stressed out because I’m struggling to make time for these things that are supposed to cure me of my stress? I’m here to tell you that self-care is more than just doing yoga and taking bubble-baths. (Don’t get me wrong, those things can work wonders, but it’s not… Read more »