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(Pod)Cast Your Sorrows Away: 3 Podcasts from Black Women

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February 23, 2017

2016 was the year of the meme. The year itself became a meme, with millions of people anxiously tweeting their excitement for the year ahead. Then 2017 rolled around – and it sucks.


Though 2017 is barely 2 full months in, there have been many more defeats than triumphs and it seems the impending doom will continue. From increased ICE raids to Donald Trump’s repeal of laws protecting trans folk’s bathroom safety, there is no shortage of bad news.

2017’s endless list of badness presents a perfect opportunity to incorporate nuanced and diverse voices into your life. One of the many ways I do this is through podcasts. Not only are podcasts hilarious, informative, and interesting they also feel like hanging out with best friends you’ve never actually met. So, as a measure of self-care and information here are 3 POC (podcasts of color) for you to consume in these trying times.

1) Black Joy Mixtape 

Black Joy Mixtape is the project of Jazmine Walker and Amber Phillips, two fiercely funny and intelligent black women. The podcast tackles everything from pop culture to misogynoir and the intersections all in between.

2) 2 Dope Queens 

Calling all Jessica William fanatics, here is a podcast for you. 2 Dope Queens features Williams and fellow comedian Phoebe Robinson as they the many complexities of life. Including hair, race, sex and romance. The dynamic duo is so funny they can cure even the worst political anxiety.

3) Black Girl Nerds 

Say goodbye to the cis, white, dudebro nerds of your past and welcome in black girl nerds! This podcast was created to be a space for black girls and women to discuss not only all things “nerd” but also race and the patriarchy.

Between these 3 incredibly different but engaging podcasts there are plenty of laughs, sighs, and WTFs to be had. So take a break from 2017’s terror and put some headphones in.

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