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Podcasts for Reproductive Justice Activists

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March 18, 2015


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Radio is one of my favorite ways of hearing peoples stories. Sound can be a beautiful and intimate medium, allowing you to free up your other senses to do work, make art, or just chill while you are listening.

RH Reality Check

Possibly the most relevant podcast to this blog, Reality Cast, released by RH Reality Check covers everything related to reproductive health. From politics to media, RH Reality Check’s podcast discusses reproductive justice and also features links to other podcasts like this episode of Making Contact that talks about abortion stigma and the ways in which pop culture is shaped by discussions of abortion.

The Heart

The Heart is a podcast about all different types of amazing love stories. Released in partnership with sound story consortium, Radiotopia, The Heart creates a space for talking about love experiences without sticking to sexual binaries. My favorite episode delightfully captures the nervousness and excitement of first kisses.

Third Coast Radio 

Third Coast Radio’s audio stories library is full of amazing podcasts on health, sexuality, love, and politics. Although many different types of stories have won Third Coast awards, there are a lot of them that specifically focus specifically on sexuality, many from queer perspectives. I really like tuning into Third Coast to see how different producers edit sound and find stories.

Bitch Magazine

Bitch Magazine’s podcasts, Popaganda and Backtalk, take on media, culture, and politics from a feminist perspective. Released bi-monthly, the podcast talks about pop culture and news, sometimes taking on topics related to the monthly theme of print magazine.


Autostraddle is another magazine that has released a podcast. The magazine covers LGBTQ politics, news, arts, and culture. The podcast is very new, with its first episode premiering in December of 2014.

Questionable at Best

Questionable at Best is a podcast by DeAnne Smith that talks about relationships, love, sexuality, and consent for 55 minutes with a special guest. Every week there is a different question that DeAnne poses to the guest and they spend the episode breaking it down. This podcast features many queer perspectives and also links to interesting guests’ independent creative projects.

Fucking While Feminist

The name says it all. This podcast about sex, culture, and feminism was created by writer Jaclyn Freidman. Although it has been kept out of the iTunes store because of the explicit name, there are work-arounds to get the podcast onto your preferred device.

These are just a few podcasts that talk about sexuality and sexual health while promoting gender equity, but there are many more. Please feel free to add your own in the comments section below. Happy listening!

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