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“This piece was made to highlight the diversity of people who could be impacted by the stigmatization and criminalization of self-managed abortions. Normalizing all experiences with self-managed abortions is important for advocacy, especially when so much of the work has to do with intercepting the spread of misinformation and misrepresentation.”

-Jenna Gorton, artist

“My digital art piece depicts the theme of self-managed abortions and border communities. It is inspired by my friend who has experienced a self-managed abortion in secrecy when we were younger. As our culture tends to be very “hush hush” and “behind doors” and because our predominantly Catholic religion, many of us who have experienced an SMA feel alienated as we can’t share our experience with those who are close to us without judgment. The piece represents how although SMA may be stigmatized, we can proudly take charge of our bodily autonomy and appease and heal our inner child.”

– Karla Camacho, artist

Art print created by Chamile Diaz



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