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Spring is Here! Good News in Dark Times

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March 23, 2017

With President Trump under FBI investigation and the Affordable Care Act up for repeal there is really nothing to be happy about – at least that is what it feels like. Despite feelings of discouragement and helplessness there are plenty of things going on in this world that would put a smile on even the Grinch’s face. When the weight of the world gets to be more than any person can humanly handle, the only thing left to do is find ways to cheer yourself up. One of those ways is to look at the a few of the smaller more positive things happening. So – here are 2 pieces of important and positive news.

Flint, Michigan

On March 17th, the EPA awarded the state of Michigan $100 million to upgrade water infrastructure in Flint, Michigan. The overdue funding comes after over 1,000 days of Flint residents being left with contained water. The Flint water crisis began after the city switch water sources and since then there have been various campaigns to get the city clean water. The overwhelmingly Black-populated received a great deal of public support once it became known that water was contaminated but once that fizzled out residents were still water-less. Though the EPA grant in no way excuses the actions of the federal government allowing citizens to live without water, it is a huge step toward helping the people of Flint. #WaterisLife

Tomi Lahren

After her comments on her pro-choice politics, infamous millennial conservative, Tomi Lahren’s show on The Blaze was suspended for a week. While some may see this as a blow for pro-choice folks everywhere, the real important piece of information here is Lahren finally got what was coming for her. After being disgusting as humanly possible and spewing hate-filled speech, Lahren finally got a taste of her own deserved medicine. And the best part? No more Tomi videos on our Facebook feeds – at least for a week!

While two pieces of vaguely good news may seem like a weak attempt at cheering yourself up, just remember the small victories are good for your health! While the jury is still out on plenty of important and life-changing things it’s important to remember that you deserve to smile and hey – at least a racist got *partially* fired!


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