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Just Say No to Girl-Hate

A few weeks ago, Youtube star Lilly Singh, AKA Superwoman, got together with a few of her celebrity girl friends to challenge girls across the world to end girl-on-girl hate. Lilly’s friends such as Shay Mitchell, Colleen Ballinger, and Lyndsey Sterling (just to name a few) all weighed in on the issue giving great advice to young women and girls on how to better appreciate other women. Some of the advice given was for girls to admire others rather than become jealous of them, to encourage other women, and to recognize that we’ve all been through some of the same things and can therefore help each other get through it. My personal favorite was Shay Mitchell’s advice to “look at other girls as sisters instead of competition.” I think that it’s… Read more »

Abandon Girl Hate

Last night, with no explanation, I walked by a girl who I instantly didn’t like. It might have been because she stared at me with a look of judgment in her eyes. It might have been because she was prettier than me. It might have been because patriarchal values have taught me to hate other women. I like to think I’m a pretty accepting person. So you can imagine my internal struggle as I try and talk myself down from girl hate, the phenomenon of hating other girls based solely on the fact that they are another woman, not for any legitimate reason. Before I knew about feminism, before I knew about social justice, I internalized everything that our society tells us about women. You should judge a woman for… Read more »