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Latinxs After El Paso: We Will Not be Erased

It’s been more than a month since the tragic Walmart shooting in El Paso occurred and claimed the lives of 22 people. The predominantly Latinx community has since shown the nation and the world their resilience and strength in the wake of the malicious and targeted hate crime. Across the nation, Latinx communities have felt the constant and consistent influx of focused discrimination from the current administration. From the cancellation of DACA in 2017 to the nationwide ICE raids earlier this year, Latinx people have suffered tremendously from the institutional white supremacy that radiates from the White House. The anti-immigrant sentiment and hateful rhetoric coming from the Trump administration have fueled and empowered white supremacists to carry out crimes against minority communities like El Paso shooting. Hate crimes alter communities…. Read more »

Kansas’s New Concealed Carry Laws Don’t Belong On Our Campuses

Come July 1st, 2017, Kansas will become the first state that allows students to bring guns on campus without a permit. As a community psychologist and a doctoral student at Wichita State University, I have always held a unique perspective on campus carry; not like the negative rhetoric that you read about from the “alt-right perspective,” where gun safety advocates are perceived as “snowflakes.” You can’t imagine the backlash I have received about my nagging for “extra rights”; they would make anyone want to roll their eyes for an infinite amount of time. But the concerns of hundreds of students on Kansas campuses should not be taken lightly. July 1st will be the start of a new college experience — one where some students will be forced to have a… Read more »