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Why Essential Oils Should Get More Hype in Your Self-Care Routine

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April 4, 2018

People all around the world have been using essential oils for centuries and their endless healing qualities are no secret to the earth. However, in modern day, there seems to be an increasing aura of skepticism and an onslaught of stigmas associated with natural remedies and forms of healing like crystals, aromatherapy and meditation.

The first uses of essential oils trace back to cave paintings in France depicting the use of medicinal herbs, as well as in Egypt, which was a major hub for incense, perfume and aromatic oils.  During this time, the use of aromatic oils took on a very religious undertone. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, brought to light the health effects of 300 plants and spent a lot of time highlighting the utilization of natural remedies to treat people.

In modern day, now that we have more descriptive terminology, essential oils can help with anything from anxiety to postpartum depression. Of course, they are not magical elixirs capable of completely curing all disease and ailments, and they cannot stand in the place of therapy or medication. However, they definitely have their place in the healing world. Postpartum depression can cause debilitating depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, to name only a few symptoms, and oils such as lavender, frankincense, and bergamot, can greatly improve a person’s quality of life when struggling with these things.

When you think of lavender, you may think of endless fields of vibrant lilac plants flowing gently in the wind. Or you may think of the lavender infused soap you always buy at Target. Or the lavender scented bath bombs you got at the mall for the low-low to treat yourself. No matter what you might think when someone mentions lavender, it is often associated in society as a scent with many calming, stress-relieving effects. On the more physical side of things, lavender promotes better sleeping, blood circulation, and aids in digestion. On an emotional level, lavender is one of the most infamous essential oils when it comes to stress-relieving and lessening nervous tension and anxiety. It relieves pain and promotes an overwhelming sense of calmness. You can put lavender essential oil on your wrists or even in your short bread cookies. This is one of the infinite benefits of essential oils–they’re versatile and many can be consumed due to their heavy roots in nature.

Frankincense is another essential oil that has numerous health benefits. This is one oil that has heavy roots in religion and is actually often used in the Catholic Church through the use of incense, as well as in many other religions and their ceremonies. Among the many things frankincense does, it can regulate menstruation and pain in the abdomen. And besides relieve stress, it also promotes oral health and boosts the immune system. With such a vast, accommodating oil like frankincense, it’s incredibly difficult to pinpoint only a couple of benefits.

The name bergamot comes from Bergamo, Italy. Bergamot is a great way to uplift mood and boost energy. Being an anxiety-reliever as well, the many soothing qualities of bergamot are not to be made light of.  It has also been known to reduce fever and combat digestive problems.

These are only a few in the plethora of essentials out there in the world today. There are countless blends, diffusers and even essential oil communities to be a part of.

With all of this being said, the major caveat is that there are essential oils sold in grocery stores and craft stores that are mostly alcohol based with a small percentage of the actual oil. This is the reason that they are usually cheaper, cannot be consumed, and should not be applied topically. The higher quality essential oils that can actually be applied to the wrist and ingested are usually quite the price tag. That’s why, as great as essential oils are, I dream of the day they are made more accessible to those who could really use them but do not have the means to pay for the ones that work.

Discovering essential oils ended up being one of the best experiences of my life and in addition to traditional treatment, I speak from the heart when I say it has made a world of difference.

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