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Hometown: San Diego, California

Favorite Writer: Gloria Anzaldua (may she rest in power)

Favorite Sex Scene: The opening scene to Master of None is always so real, which I appreciate

Hidden Talent: I’m the best person to bring on a road trip because I know where ALL the best roadside attractions are (and I don’t mind taking a shift in the driver’s seat)

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LinkedOut: Why “Professional” Social Media Makes Us Hate Ourselves

LinkedIn is the most toxic social media site on the internet, and this is a hill I’m fine with dying on. As was the case with many people around the world, I found myself unemployed earlier this year and like any reasonable millennial-gen Z cusp, the first place I started job hunting was LinkedIn. Having seen no real reason to log on while at my last gig, I had lots of clean-up work on my hands. Connecting with former colleagues, updating my job descriptions with semi-truths, and finding a new profile picture that strikes the balance between attractive-yet-buttoned that’s quietly necessary for women on the internet. From there I clicked on the “jobs” tab, defined my criteria, pressed that bright blue search button. To my surprise, the only results to… Read more »

In Defense of Pete Davidson

We can’t claim to be pro-mental health if we don’t work to de-stigmatize the “scary” illnesses This year, at my small socially-distanced birthday gathering, we placed our chairs 6-feet apart in my backyard and set up the projector to watch the only movie I’d been looking forward to all year: The King of Staten Island. The film, written by and starring Pete Davidson, centers a twenty-something named Scott who struggles to accept his mother’s new partner after the sudden death of his father, a firefighter, years prior. Considered to be semi-autobiographical, this film sparked much conversation amongst film critics—with one noting that the film seemed to serve almost as “an explanation for Davidson’s actions over the last few years.” It’s fair to say that Pete’s public perception since his 2014… Read more »