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Denying Marriage Rights to Same-Sex Couples is Un-Christian

If you’re someone even just mildly paying attention to the news lately, chances are you’ve heard about Kim Davis. The county clerk decided that her religious beliefs supersede the rights of same-sex couples to enjoy equal protection under the law. Unfortunately, people like Kim Davis are trying to claim the First Amendment right of freedom of religion as an excuse to hate and act “un-Christian.” When it comes to religion, I fall into the agnostic and undecided category. I’ve been curious about and researched various religions, mainly the big three. The ideals of loving people regardless of their mistakes or background is a common theme, especially in Christianity, so why do non-religious people automatically associate Catholicism and Christianity with hate? Personally, being someone who is openly bisexual and a raging… Read more »

Understanding Obergefell v. Hodges

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments for Obergefell v. Hodges, a pivotal case addressing same-sex marriage. In preparation for tomorrow’s oral arguments. I wanted to share some facts surrounding the case.  The case relates to the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Tennessee where same-sex couples have sued the state for refusing to recognize legal marriages in other states. Facts: Obergefell v. Hodges involves James Obergefell and John Arthur James from Ohio. John James Arthur was diagnosed with ALS in 2011 They were married in the state of Maryland on July 11, 2013. Same-sex marriage is illegal in Ohio, They wanted Obergefell to be named as James’ surviving spouse on his death certificate. The couple was issued a temporary  order to recognize their marriage on Arthur’s death… Read more »

Florida Set for Marriage Equality

Florida has a lot of great things: fresh citrus, Disney World and some really nice beaches. But on January 5, we might get something even better—the right for same-sex couples to marry! U.S. District Court Judge Robert Hinkle ruled in favor of marriage equality in Florida on August 21. The ruling was in regards to two federal marriage cases, Brenner v. Scott and Grimsley and Albu v. Scott. Brenner v. Scott was filed on behalf of a same-sex couple trying to have their Canadian marriage recognized by the state. If the couple’s marriage was not recognized, they could not designate each other as spouses for a retirement benefits program. In response to the cases, Hinkle ordered an injunction for Florida’s same-sex marriage ban, recognizing it as unconstitutional. This would also… Read more »