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Media and The Unrealistic Expectations of Sex

Being a part of gen z is kind of crazy. We still got to experience the remnants of the great era that was the 90s while simultaneously witnessing all of the advancements of technology. We experienced some of the first touch screen phones, the rise of social media, and the continuation of trashy teen sitcoms. The world went from landlines and physical dictionaries to having infinite knowledge at our fingertips. It would be easy to sit here and talk about how all of these technological advancements have improved the lives of young people everywhere. However, the topic of how detrimental this rise in technology has been is often shied away from–until now. As most of us know, the internet has been an amazing tool for young people. We can now… Read more »

When the Hashtag becomes the Mic

Social media has been used in a variety of ways to connect a vast amount of people to the current news, whether it be accurate, satire, or false. This knowledge is then broken down into little tidbits of tweets, posts, or stories across major platforms. In this context, hashtags have become the tools of keyboard courage and the microphone for keyboard warriors. Although hashtags work to see others’ contribution to the world’s view, it removes the identity of words, language, and photos. By and by, social media becomes a double edged sword that discredits issues of oppression and privilege and discriminate against other users unknowingly. Unintentionally, hashtags make one experience the universal experience while making the other facets of what defines that experience invisible. An array of experiences shouldn’t be… Read more »

Oy With the Victim Blaming Already!

Trigger warning: rape, victim-blaming, and pure ignorance Sometimes you get a harsh reminder that rape culture is alive and well. Far too often that reminder is on facebook. I considered refraining from saying anything about this because my head was spinning and I honestly couldn’t figure out how to put my thoughts, anger, and frustration into words. But it’s been several days now and I can form coherent sentences about this, and I want to share. I wish I had taken screenshots of the post I’m about to describe, but I was too shocked at the time and it goes without saying that I have since unfriended the person in question. The other day, I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, as I often do, when I saw that an acquaintance… Read more »