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Abortion is Not Just a Women’s Issue: Inclusive Reproductive Justice Signs

Unsurprisingly, a majority of the catchy slogans adopted by the reproductive justice movement are cis woman-centric. It is easy to chant about ‘a woman’s right to choose,’ just because it has become an easy shorthand. What we fail to see in doing this is that we are neglecting to acknowledge that not everybody who seeks reproductive care identifies as a woman. I am guilty of it too: I attended the Women’s March in Austin this January and chanted along with the rest of the angry mobs, “Not the church! Not the State! Women must control their fate!” Of course, I agree with the sentiment of a woman’s self-determination. However, I also want to be a better advocate for trans and nonbinary folks, particularly those who need reproductive care. In retrospect,… Read more »

Activists! Immediate action needed to #BeBoldEndHyde

  On Saturday my grandmother, my mother, my sister, my brother and I marched with more than 1 million people around the world.  This, the largest feminist mobilization in decades, took place on all 7 continents. Our message was clear: the feminist future is now, and we’re here to fuck shit up. The next day, I celebrated the 44th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case with fellow marchers. We fortified our determination to protect this constitutional guarantee of bodily autonomy for all. Today, feminists are united in stopping this week’s first anti-feminist, anti-choice push by the Trump administration: making the Hyde Amendment codified law. This amendment was first instituted in 1976 and banned the use of federal funds for abortion except in cases where the life of the pregnant person was in… Read more »