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Major: Creative Writing and Economics at Kenyon College
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Favorite writer: Zora Neale Hurston, Joan Didion
Favorite sex scene from a movie/tv show/book: Sixteen Candle's post-sex car scene or Janie's pear tree scene from Their Eyes Were Watching God
Hidden talent: Scraping the last bit of foundation out of the jar.

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Abortion is Not Just a Women’s Issue: Inclusive Reproductive Justice Signs

Unsurprisingly, a majority of the catchy slogans adopted by the reproductive justice movement are cis woman-centric. It is easy to chant about ‘a woman’s right to choose,’ just because it has become an easy shorthand. What we fail to see in doing this is that we are neglecting to acknowledge that not everybody who seeks reproductive care identifies as a woman. I am guilty of it too: I attended the Women’s March in Austin this January and chanted along with the rest of the angry mobs, “Not the church! Not the State! Women must control their fate!” Of course, I agree with the sentiment of a woman’s self-determination. However, I also want to be a better advocate for trans and nonbinary folks, particularly those who need reproductive care. In retrospect,… Read more »

Tell Me I Look Sexy With My IUD Strings Pushed Back: Let’s Chat About IUDs

Let me tell you a true story: I took the birth control pill for less than a month, and it made me feel horrendous. I gained weight, my skin broke out, and my pre-existing anxiety got even worse. This is where my first true love, my Mirena IUD, comes in.   I’ve never had huge issues with my periods. They’ve never been particularly intense or cumbersome, but, instead, merely just annoying and inconsistent. I decided to get an IUD by the suggestion of my doctor before I went to college. It felt like not only the responsible thing to do as I take my first steps into ~adulthood~, but also, the thought of not having a period for FIVE years sold me. If you do the math, that’s roughly seven… Read more »