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Major: Neuroscience
Hometown: Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Favorite writer: This is almost impossible to answer, but because of how much the Harry Potter series has influenced not only my love for books, but writing as well, I have to say J.K. Rowling.
Favorite sex scene from a movie/TV/book: Keira Knightley and James McAvoy in Atonement. I loved the novel Atonement, but I almost love the movie more for being such a faithful adaptation, especially when it comes to the characters. So many scenes do a good job of portraying emotions, especially with how tension is used in the scene between these two characters in a library. Plus, James McAvoy.
Hidden Talent: I’m kind of a pop culture guru and know a ridiculous amount of information about film and television.

Posts By: Anna Khan

Who Is The Good Guy with a Gun?

Last week on the night of Thanksgiving, a shooting at the Riverchase Galleria mall in Hoover, Alabama killed a 21-year-old black man, E.J. Bradford, home for the holidays. Official media coverage of the shooting reported that the police had killed Bradford, because he was the initial shooter. However, in the following days, local social media reported a very different story: Bradford did not shoot anyone. He was simply one of the very many Alabama citizens who pulled out their guns at the sound of a gun going off. Regardless of your feelings on guns, Bradford wasn’t doing anything wrong. He was the “good guy with the gun” and he was black. And not only did that lead to his death, it lead to warped media coverage, because the police lied… Read more »

It Was Never A Secret

Victoria’s Secret chief marketing officer Ed Razek has come under fire after an interview with Vogue where he insinuated that trans and plus-size models are not attractive enough to be a part of the “fantasy” of their brand. The brand has been met with criticism since his comments, and #boycottvictoriassecret was a trending topic on Twitter. But let’s be honest: even if you haven’t seen what the models look like in the annual fashion show, anyone with a passing familiarity with Victoria’s Secret knows the brand always has been a blatant catering to the white male gaze. Look back at the “Perfect Body” campaign from 2014 that showcased only one type of body. Or the many extreme uses of PhotoShop. Not to mention the many instances of cultural appropriation over… Read more »

Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights Is Not Just a Slogan

To anyone that believes that Trump’s presidency isn’t causing any real harm, I’m afraid to tell you that you are terribly mistaken. The State Department recently released their annual human rights report, and the section on reproductive rights has been removed. A section that previously included an outline on access to abortion and contraception and detailed maternal mortality rates has been replaced with a section discussing “coercion in population control” which documents involuntary or “unethical” sterilization. This, along with new sections solidifying America’s compliance with countries with governments known to violate human rights, exemplify what the Trump presidency prioritizes and what it always has. Reproductive rights hadn’t even been included in the human rights report properly until 2011 under the Obama administration. The reasoning behind removing reproductive rights from the human… Read more »

Don’t Confuse Political Correctness with Respecting People

Last year, South Asian comedian Hari Kondabalu released a documentary film entitled The Problem with Apu that included South Asian celebrities discussing the impact of The Simpsons’ character, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. The character has been criticized since the inception of the show for being a racist caricature of Indian-Americans, not helped by the fact that the character is voiced by a white actor doing an exaggerated accent. Kondabalu’s documentary includes interviews from South Asian celebrities who all have had similar experiences in direct result of the character: microaggressions and racial slurs with several of them being asked to do the Apu accent while auditioning for roles in Hollywood. The producers of The Simpsons have remained largely indifferent to these concerns, but an episode that aired Sunday evening directly addressed them head-on in, quite possibly, one of the worst… Read more »

Black People Have Been Marching

This weekend, tens of thousands of Americans joined together all around the country to protest gun control in the March for Our Lives. The students from the high school in Parkland, Florida, which suffered a massive shooting taking 17 lives, have been speaking up loudly about their feelings on gun control. There was an overwhelmingly positive response from notable figures, even the White House sending out a message to commend the students for exercising their first amendment rights. The March for Our Lives is a good thing, and its response is even better. Youth from all around the country are tired of gun violence being ignored, and their determination is not going unheard. However, this is not the first time gun violence has been protested this much before. What makes this… Read more »

Yes, We Do Need Love, Simon

When I read Simon Vs. The Homosapiens Agenda for the first time, I was not looking for a book about real, political issues. I was simply looking for a fun read, and I got it in this charming romantic comedy about a gay teenager struggling to come out to his family and friends. This Friday, the movie adaptation Love, Simon will be released, and its marketing campaign is filled with funny puns like “He’s done keeping his story straight” and “coming out” used for advertising. The story isn’t groundbreaking or complicated in any way. Rather, it’s an anomaly because it’s a simple gay love story with a happy ending. An article in Time recently discussed whether this is a movie that today’s generation needs particularly. The author argues that a story about a white… Read more »

WE Get The Job Done

On February 11, 2018, the first female American figure skater in Olympics history nailed one of the most challenging feats in figure skating, the triple axel. Her name is Mirai Nagasu, and this is only one of her many accomplishments. A three-time Four Continents medalist and seven-time US national medalist, Mirai has achieved more at the age of 24 than a lot of Americans could ever dream. The recent conversation has been centered around her triple axel accomplishment, while her Asian-American heritage did not become relevant until a tweet from a New York Times reporter sparked outrage a day after Mirai’s triple axel. The reporter tweeted a gif of her performing the axel with the words “Immigrants. They get the job done.” A line popularized from a track on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton mixtape,… Read more »