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Major: Biological Sciences
Hometown: Harlingen, Texas
Favorite writer: Gloria Anzaldua
Favorite sex scene from a movie/TV/book: Westworld season one. Maeve and Hector realize their world is fake and have sex to the death in the middle of a fire.
Hidden Talent: Super good at Mario shit I am internationally ranked lol

Posts By: Erica Gonzalez

AOC is Hope

I am so grateful for the hope that women have given me lately. I believe that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represents hope for our country and for the future of all generations. I know she is the direct catalyst for change we need in America and the world. She is inspiring and demystifying the world of politics for young people. She is making her world accessible through social media and using language everyone understands. AOC is our best hope at fixing the environment for the future, and she PWNING old white dudes that think they know how to use twitter and the english language…the list goes on. I know that she is an absolute badass, but I had still been thinking that our system is broken and nothing will ever get done…. Read more »

Fast Fashion: Unsustainable, Racist, NOT Cute

I want to stress that all responsibility for climate change should be placed on corporations- not the consumer. This article’s goal is to inform the consumer. Though I believe each person should be conscientious of what/how much they consume and where it comes from, major change will only come when companies are held accountable for their heinous acts. The fashion industry has become one of the top contributors to climate change and continuing the cycle of poverty in countries across the world. Fast fashion is the epitome environmental racism. Fast fashion are clothes that are made with cheap materials because it is meant to be sold dirt cheap and thrown away to make room for the next trend. Forever 21, GAP, H&M, Zara, Walmart, and literally almost every other store… Read more »

Abolish ICE Already

This is such a scary time for black and brown folk living in the United States. ICE is a threat to everything this country is supposed to stand for. A few days ago ICE arrested and detained rapper 21 Savage. His visa expired in 2006, but they decided it was the right time to detain and deport him just five days after rapping about Flint, children at the border, and the hardships he faced as a poor black man. Why now, 14 years after his visa expired- 5 years after being arrested for unrelated matters, does ICE feel compelled to detain and deport 21? Is it because he is giving back to his community and speaking out against the atrocities being committed to POC? The language ICE used was “He… Read more »

Abortion In-Access

The Roe V. Wade decision recently had its 46th anniversary January 22. Though reproductive rights have constantly been the point of contention between old, white men and other old, white men, I am grateful this decision still stands today. Old white men, especially those in Texas, have tried their hardest to shut down as many clinics as possible through TRAP laws requiring obscene equipment and “regulations”. In 2014, the only abortion clinic available to my community of the Rio Grande Valley was in San Antonio-a four hour drive away. Having a clinic so far and passed a check-point can be terrifying for some people from the Rio Grande Valley. In a community where over 68% of the population lives below the poverty line and ⅓ of people and ½ of… Read more »

Culture Commodified in San Antonio

I recently moved to San Antonio earlier this year from the Rio Grande Valley. I have seen the gentrification happen before my eyes over the years. One of the biggest gentrified areas in the city- “The Pearl” is an expensive little market place. The community surrounding The Pearl quickly saw a decrease of lower middle class Mexican families in the area due to gentrification. It’s got everything white people want- exclusive, expensive apartments surrounded by a bourgeoisie food court and tons of overpriced, whiterun shops. Allow me to better paint a picture of these shops for you. They commodify the fuck out of being in San Antonio- a historically Tex-Mex city. Native American and Mexican artworks/clothing items are also sold in another. The people running these stores, boasting that they… Read more »

My Experience as a Latinx Woman in Sports

I have played soccer for 19 years of my 23 on this planet. I even went on to play for my University’s women’s soccer team as a goalkeeper all four years. The University of Texas Pan-American (now UT Rio Grande Valley) are in the NCAA Division 1 Western Athletic Conference. I was also a part of the “Student Athlete Advisory Committee” since my sophomore year of college. SAAC is “the voice of the student athlete” and I was President of my institutional and conference SAAC. We discussed institutional, conference, and NCAA policies and issues. I oversaw eight school across the United States. As president of the WAC SAAC, I ensured student athletes accurately understood and relayed policies and their consequences to their respective student athlete body and administration. I also… Read more »

Whose Tale Is The Handmaid’s?

Fan bases can really take a TV show and kill the buzz surrounding it. People (white feminists) are dressing up like handmaids from The Handmaid’s Tale at protests and rallies in support of reproductive freedom. I don’t understand the message they are trying to convey with this look.  Frankly, it kind of irritates me when people buy these costumes to “make a difference.” They are mistaking consumerism for direct action.  This TV show is held in the eyes of many as the feminist-iest show around because of its remarkable relationship to real life. The first season came out around Tr*mp’s new “presidency” and the second season came out when the #MeToo movement surged yet again earlier this year. I can see why it would be easy to see this show as the new… Read more »